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15 Aug


What’s in my Refrigerator? Part I


When I watch YouTube videos from bodybuilders and fitness pros, my favorite submissions are usually the ones where they share some new idea for a recipe or even an ingredient to consider that I haven’t been using.  It’s in that spirit that I bring you this new series.

This is not a series of everything that is in my refrigerator.  That may get pretty boring!  I have 4 young kids in the house and my wife as well so there is a lot more in there, and not all of it is worthy of this post!  Rather, these posts will highlight some of my favorite finds over the past few years, and items you may not have heard of.

SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia


Sweet is probably the hardest flavor to fake naturally.  There are so many choices in sweeteners and they always seem to have a downside.  While some sweeteners have a multitude of studies that underscore their dangers (eg, Aspartame), most often, that downside is the process by which the sweetener was made.

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