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20 Aug


What’s In My Refrigerator? Part III


This is Part III of this series- Part I is here, and Part II here.

It’s been called the salad killer in some circles as it negates most of the positive aspects of a healthy greens salad with its tons of saturated fat.  It also blows the calorie count through the lid.  Yes, you’re right- it’s the salad dressing.  Without a dressing, salad can be pretty hard to eat, but with most of them that taste rich and creamy, you might as well have ordered that burger instead!

Of course, you can opt for something like a small amount of Olive Oil and vinegar, or even Coconut Oil- both healthy options and they are a nice fresh change, but there are those times when you just long for a thick, rich, and creamy dressing atop your salad, sandwich, etc.  Bolthouse Farms to the rescue!

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