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15 Aug


Be Careful What You Wish For!


For the last two years as I have tried to eat only healthy foods, a huge challenge has been wrestling with the fact that I did not want to drag my family along with me.  I saw a commercial the other day for Eggo waffles (of all things!) where the kids said ‘Uh Oh, Mom’s on a health kick again.  When Mom’s on a health kick, we all are!’. Then they are happy to discover they can still eat Eggo waffles.  I’m not endorsing Eggo waffles as a healthy breakfast (can you say Carbolicious 😉 ), but I think we can all appreciate the sentiment when someone who is healthy makes it almost a religion and feels required to preach it to all around them all the time.  I don’t want my kids and wife to resent eating well but to desire it for themselves, so I recognized early on it may take some time for them to come around.

A bigger challenge that soon surfaced was that they were constantly chiding me for missing out on some delicious dessert or treat, or trying to get me to cheat and enjoy a particular meal.  This is especially hard when you’re out with friends or extended family- they just don’t understand why you don’t want to eat the same as you did before and think you’re depriving yourself!  When my Mom learned I count calories and macros, she figured I was trying to starve myself or am headed towards an eating disorder, and not that I am trying to keep macros to optimize my health and particularly my muscle growth.

The biggest surprise however came a few months ago when my wife suddenly started to eat clean along with me.  This was something I had hoped for as long as I have been eating this way.  I wished for the day when I didn’t have to cook myself a chicken breast since the family was eating baked ziti, or the day I could try a new dish my wife made since it was using all clean ingredients!  But what I didn’t anticipate was the missing cottage cheese in the refrigerator (“Sorry, I finished that last night”) or the two extra strips of bacon (uncured Applegate farms Turkey bacon that is) I cooked up for later that have seemingly walked their way out of the refrigerator and onto her plate (next to a veggie egg white omelette)!  I’m now wondering what I was doing wishing for this in the first place 😉

All kidding aside, I’m actually super excited Michelle is now eating well and I have really enjoyed some of the healthy recipes she’s found, concocted, etc. for both of us to share.  And it’s funny (in a strange sort of way) to be the one on the other side when I’m ready to have a cheat meal of pizza and she says she’s going to just grill up some veggies and chicken!  I am so proud of her for the steps she’s taking to not only eat healthy, but take great care of herself.  Doesn’t hurt that she looks fantastic either 😉 !!



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