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15 Aug


Eating Healthy Can Be Delicious!




When I see people suffering through diets with boring, tasteless food, I can see why most people view healthy eating as a sacrifice, not a passion.  For me it started that way- when I wanted to burn off a bunch of fat before I started trying to build muscle, I admit it was an adjustment.  But over time I found myself being excited about eating, and especially cooking and creating new meals and snacks that were delicious to me, yet helped me achieve my fitness goals.  And now I can’t imagine going back to eating all the junk I did before- my kids can’t believe how I can pass on things like Easter Candy and the Halloween basket, but truthfully I have no desire for it any more!

This blog comes from that growth and enthusiasm- a passion for eating healthy and enjoying it too.  It’s my hope that you’ll find some new ideas, share some new ideas, and we can all benefit from this together.  I could really use your help and input whether it’s from commenting on articles, emailing ideas, or even writing some yourself!  If you’d like to submit an article or being a regular writer for this blog, please contact me at

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