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23 Aug


Recipe: Simple, Fresh & Healthy Guacamole


Fresh & Better than Most

Never miss out on the opportunity to incorporate guacamole.  When done right, it is fresh, tasty and very healthy.  Good guacamole starts with using fresh ingredients.  Selecting an avacado at the store is a pretty simple task and can make a lot of difference in the overall quality of your dip. See here for our tips on selecting quality avocados.  A  fresh onion, garlic, tomato and jalapeno is also important.  From the garden is great if you have the opportunity but if you don’t, be sure to pick them up at the store when selecting the avacados.

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21 Aug


Choose Thy Avacado


A super food, chalk full of wonderful health benefits, oh how we love you avacado. While most are probably fully aware of these great little treats from Mexico, some of you might, just maybe, be new to them.  Just in case you are one of those newbies out there, I encourage you to check out the following article on our sister site,, as it will serve as a great guide to purchasing.

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